Drisyavedi is a cultural forum for promoting and propagating traditional and classical art forms of Kerala, especially Kathakali. The forum commenced its activities in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala State (a State in India), in the year 1972. Admittance to the forum is through membership. There is an executive committee to look after the functions of the organisation.
Drisyavedi designs many a venue to popularise the classical art forms and arranging stage performances of these traditional productions keeping their pristine purity. Our presentations attract more and more new spectators and art lovers. They are excellent venues for the common man to get educated in the classical and traditional art forms of Kerala. Drisyavedi proudly reflects that we help to preserve the classical art forms with all its traditional pristine beauty and performing grace.
Rituals and customs that emanate from the deep Indian philosophy aim at peaceful social life with high ethics – Epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana and puranas like Sri Maha Bhagavata focus at communicating these values through beautiful stories and incidents. The art forms Drisyavedi promotes, especially Kathakali based on the epics and puranas, are definite media to convey these expressions to people educating them with high human values. Many of these classical art forms demand special skills on various aspects of Indian Dance to understand and enjoy. Drisyavedi also provides arena to educate the people to enjoy these art forms with all its splendors, especially by lecture demonstration by accomplished artists. The forum leaves no stone unturned to promote young talents in these classical art field by giving them opportunities to perform before the elite audience.
Regular activities of Drisyavedi include conducting monthly performance of Kathakali. Eminent artists bless these adorable and splendid evenings; young artists long for a place on the cherished and worthy stage; members of Drisyavedi ardently await the announcement of the date, time and venue of the month's programme. Perhaps very few of such organisations take so much sincere efforts in providing the members with scene to scene details of each performance for every presentation.
Every year Drisyavedi celebrates two captivating, educative festivals : Kerala Natyotsavam and Kerala Rangakalotsavam.
More than three decades of committed, dynamic, determined works of many people have given a respectable footing for Drisyavedi in the hearts of art lovers. We look back with admiration, adoration and reverence at our beloved members who have departed us; we behold our present members with deep gratitude and honour for the ardent support they are extending to this great organisation; we look forward for strong, distinguished and excellent support by all of you in the coming days.....YOU ARE THE WEALTH AND STRENGTH OF DRISYAVEDI.
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